Diamonds International School

Diamonds International School, Dolphin Estate Ikoyi is an offshoot of Titilayo Nursery and Primary School T.B.S Complex, Lagos Island. Which was run by Mrs. F.O Adegbenro (Proprietress). The drive for excellence, the zeal and determination to move to the top and be counted among the best and world class schools in Lagos motivated the change of name. Come to think of it “of all precious stones, The Diamonds radiates the most brilliant glow” and since we want to live the “The Diamond dream”, we decided to identify with it. The name changed to Diamonds Private School and we moved to our present location (87, Lafiaji Way Dolphin Estate Ikoyi) in the year 2000 with a total population of 112 children and 14 staff started the new site. October, 2016 which was the 15th Anniversary of the School we attained an International status thereby changing our name to Diamonds International School. At present, the school population stands at 160 pupils, with 21 Teaching Staff and 17 non –teaching staff. The School’s Governess is Mrs. Bisi Akin-Arogunmati. While the Head Teacher is Mr. Elvis Doudu. The children of the school had been able to get admissions into various prominent Schools such as Faith Academy, British International School, Dowen College, Loyola Jesuit just to mention a few. For future projection, the school had acquired a ten acre of land at Eleko Village, in the Ibeju-Lekki Local Government area of the state for the Secondary School.

Our Objectives

At Diamonds International School, we work with nature, not against it, in helping your child achieve his or her goal. Our programme taps the endless energies, the creative impulses, and insatiable curiosities of the children and gradually directs their effort into rewarding channels, hence our objectives:

  1. To foster, maintain and intensify the child’s experience and development so that he/she is able to develop his/her full potential not only physically and emotionally, but intellectually, imaginatively, spiritually and socially.
  2. To enable the child to understand himself/herself as an individual living in numerous environments home, school and neighborhood.
  3. To build up the child’s confidence so that he/she will accept new situations and continue to explore and acquire.
  4. To give the child the opportunity to explore as many varied aspects of sensory play as possible.
  5. To provide a stimulating and structured environment in order to enable the child to have good sensory, motor, perceptual and emotional experience and work toward specific curriculum objectives

Of all precious stones, the Diamond radiates the most brilliant glow.

Our vision, at Diamonds is to ensure that we utilize highly motivated professionals to deliver the most legendary standards of Academic excellence and employ cutting- edge technology, balanced Discipline and Godly guidance that will enable our privileged children maximize their full potentials and glow just like Diamonds.

Teaching the Professionals of tomorrow

We strive to be a world class school, that offers a broad-based, intellectually-challenging & stimulating educational program & curriculum that will enrich all the children that we shall be privileged to nurture with maximized confidence, strength of character and resolute fear of God that will distinguish them for greatness in their generation anywhere in the world

Stanza 1:
Like a city on a hill,
The diamond can’t be hidden
The most beautiful precious stone,
Crafted by our God of light and love .
So shine on precious diamond
‘cos’ you are destined to shine

Destined to shine (x2)
Ever so beautiful by the day or night
Ever so beautiful come sun shine or rain
it is destined to shine.
With a brilliant sparkle
and a powerful ambience
Destined to shine
It is destined to shine
Destined to shine

Stanza 2:
Like the precious diamond
we have a heritage of excellence
which we must thrive to uphold
and may our God of light and love
endow us with wisdom and might
to make us great and to shine

I pledge to Diamonds International School
To be disciplined, obedient and trustworthy
To honor my parents, elders and teachers
To maintain an impeccable standard
Of honesty and excellence
And to keep the Diamonds sparkle shining forever
So help me God