School Anthem

Stanza 1:
Like a city on a hill,
The diamond can’t be hidden
The most  beautiful precious stone,
Crafted  by our God of light and love .
So shine on precious diamond
‘cos’ you are destined to shine

Destined to shine,
Destined to shine
Ever so beautiful by the day or night
Ever so beautiful come sun shine or rain
it is destined to shine.
With a brilliant sparkle
and a powerful ambience
Destined to shine
It is destined to shine
Destined to shine

Stanza 2
Like the precious diamond
we have a heritage of excellence
which we must thrive to uphold
and may our God of light and love
endow us with wisdom and might
to make us great and to shine

Repeat Chorus:
Destined to shine  2ce
yes we are destined to shine.


I pledge to Diamonds International School
To be disciplined, obedient  and trustworthy
To honor my parents, elders and teachers
To maintain an impeccable standard
Of honesty and excellence
And to keep the Diamonds sparkle shining forever
So help me God