Diamonds International School

Admission into the school is categorised as follows:

  1. Pre-School: Nurturing the infant child in a safe and stimulating homely environment, yet sharing and earning through toys and games with peers. Children coming into this class must not be less 18 months old by the beginning of the Session for which the admission is sought.
  2. Nursery School: Preparing the child for primary education. Children coming into these classes must not be less than 2 years or more than 5 years old at the commencement of the session for which admission is sought. The child must be presented for an oral interview / assessment to qualify for admission.
  3. Primary School: Pupils are admitted into the primary classes as appropriate to their age and educational standard. Pupils are required to pass an aptitude test before admission. Performance reports from the pupils former school will be required.

Admission Policy

All Applicants must meet admission criteria and requirements before being admitted. Diamonds International School reserves the right to deny admission to any pupil who fails to meet all the requirements. Official documentations must be submitted, received and verified prior to any official offer of acceptance.

An exceptional acceptance may be offered but it is subject to final confirmation only after all necessary and outstanding documents, issues have been settled to the satisfaction of the school

  • Purchase of application form.
  • Completed forms is to be submitted along with the following not later than one week from the date of purchase.
  • Two (2) recent passport photographs (passport must not be more than two (2) months prior to date of submission).
  • Photocopy of birth certificate.
  • Photocopy of immunization card
  • Original birth certificate for sighting
  • An interview is scheduled with Parents/Guardian with the Child(ren)/ward.
  • A written test and class assessment (4- 5 hours in class) is administered to the applicant followed by an oral interview.
  • A Letter of admission and illness indemnity forms are issued to the successful candidate within a one week after the interview.
  • Acceptance of admission must be communicated through payment of school fees in designated bank and tellers submitted to the bursary after which books and school uniforms are issued.

An entrance assessment which includes vocabulary, reading comprehension, spelling, mathematics and written expression will be administered for the child to be admitted to the class qualified.  A Child is expected to score at or above the class level in the above areas in order to be granted admission.

Students transferring from another school during the term will also be assessed to be admitted to the class from which he/she left if he or she scores at or above the class level or will be admitted to the class qualified for according to the discretion of the school after all admission requirements have been complied with.

A child having specific or behavioral disabilities may be denied admission if any of such cannot be adequately addressed by the school.

  • Each term school fee payment is due in full and must be paid on or before the day of resumption for the semester for all returning pupils.
  • New students enrolling any time during the term will pay the total school fees for the term before the student is admitted and enrolled in a class.
  • Families with three or more children in the same household are given a 10% discount from the 3rd child’s tuition only.
  • Payments requiring immediate value for services or immediate issuance of receipts are to be made through bankdrafts only. Cheque payments will be confirmed after going through 3 days bank clearing before receipt(s) are issued.
  • Payments made through transfers/POS will have to be confirmed before receipts are issued. The Bursary must be notified immediately when payment is made through bank transfers for confirmation.
  • Parents are advised to submit evidence of payments and obtain receipt for fees paid.
  • Cash payments are not received.
  • No request for refund will be entertained please